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Perdue AgriRecycle's microSTART60 line of organic fertilizers combines the benefits of organic products with ease-of-use and a consistent analysis.

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), microSTART60 (3-2-3) and microSTART60 Plus (7-2-2) deliver nutrients to crops and fields in slow-release formulations that improve soil aeration and water filtration and prevent leaching, run-off and soil erosion. Perdue AgriRecycle’s microSTART60 meets the requirements of the National Organic Program for organic crop production.

Poultry litter has long been recognized as a rich, natural source of nutrients and organic matter. Our proprietary process dries and pasteurizes poultry litter to create both pellets and granular fertilizer that can be used as a stand-alone organic fertilizer or to complement other products.

Perdue AgriRecycle's microSTART60 products are sold in bulk for commercial application to golf courses, sports fields, vegetables, field crops and nurseries. Our products are safe and easy to apply using conventional equipment.

microSTART60 is also a key ingredient in leading consumer brands of organic lawn-and-garden products.

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