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About Perdue AgriRecycle

Perdue AgriRecycle, LLC, the first-ever, large-scale litter-pelletizing operation, is located in Sussex County, Delaware, centered in one of the country's most-concentrated areas of poultry production.

While the close proximity of hundreds of poultry farms ensures a steady supply of raw material, the plant's location also demonstrates Perdue Incorporated's commitment to the family farm and the environment. Perdue Incorporated invested more than $13 million in Perdue AgriRecycle because many Delmarva poultry producers - especially those with smaller farms - needed an alternative to traditional land application of poultry litter. Perdue AgriRecycle provides that alternative, and helps to protect the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal inland bays.

Perdue AgriRecycle can process the equivalent of 400 poultry houses worth of litter each year. Perdue AgriRecycle also participates in litter relocation programs, further reducing excess nutrients on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Perdue AgriRecycle started operation in 2001, making Perdue Incorporated the first poultry company to implement a largescale, environmentally sound alternative use for litter.